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Travel through the times of Old Muscovy and Kievan Rus, the colorful Romanovs, the Bolshevik Revolution and into present day Russia with this vast, detailed collection of Rossica texts and indiividual engravings (prints). Books about Russian culture highlight the country’s deep ethnic and artistic history while Russian law books detail the Russian legal landscape throughout the shifting political generations up to present day. Experience the rise of wood engraving and its place in the Russian art community, as well as pre- and post-revolution history and legal systems – all accompanied by beautiful wood engravings in stunning detail. Please note that engravings are not displayed according to scale. Please contact us for dimensions.

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cover of "Thomas Bewick and Russia" by W E Butler describing Bewick's profound influence on Russian artists cover of "Anatoli Iwanowitsch Kalashchnikow" by  Klaus Rodel containing a history of development of Russian engraving in honor of A Kalashnikov
By W E Butler. An essay on the profound influence of Thomas Bewick, wood engraver and designer, on a rising generation of Russian wood engravers at the turn of the twentieth century. Numerous illustrations together with a list of Russian artists influenced by Bewick. Paperback, 22 pp.
By Klaus Rodel. Forlaget Exlibristen, 1991. In German, Danish and English. A history of the development of Russian graphics (engraving) with numerous illustrations produced in honor of Anatolii Kalashnikov's 60th birthday. The text provides a fascinating overview of the history of great Russian artists preceding and including Kalashnikov. Over 55 pages with stunning full and part page illustrations. Paperback.
Cover of Ex Libris by Anatolii Kalashnikov, one of the finest wood engravers of all time, containing 500 bookplates (engravings), 47 of which are in color. Cover of Land of the Firebird: The Beauty of Old Russia by Suzanne Massie.
Ex Libris 500
Our Price: $14.95

Temporarily out-of-stock.   By Anatolii Kalashnikov.Moscow:  Evrika, 1993. Kalashnikov RE (Hon), SWE (Hon), one of the most talented wood engravers of all time, designed more than 1,000 bookplates, of which 500 of his choice – 47 in color – are illustrated in this magnificent book. Kalashnikov as a man was larger than life, and this translated into his art, which was explosive, emotional, masculine, so essentially Russian in its depth and intensity. His bookplates occupy a central place in the international bookplate movement of the 1960-90s, each an admirable representative of the Russian national tradition in wood engraving yet embodying universal ideals. Hardback with dustjacket, 576 pp.

By Suzanne Massie, Simon and Schuster, 1980. A classic history of pre-revolutionary Russian culture, beautifully and vividly capturing Russia. A must read for any Russophile. Used. Good Condition. Hardback with dustjacket.
Cover of signed limited edition of The Russian Client, a legal thriller/espionage novel by Maryann Gashi-Butler Cover of a signed limited edition (150 numbered copies) relating to Anglo-Russian relations with ten stunning wood engravings by Anatolii Kalashnikov printed from the block with commentary from W E Butler.
The Russian Client
Our Price: $20.00
Anglo-Russian Relations
Our Price: $90.00
By Maryann Gashi-Butler. Primrose Hill Press, 2011. This provocative fictional legal thriller chronicles the fall of Soviet power and the rise of the Russian oligarchs through the eyes of ordinary people swept up in explosive times. The profound disturbance of existing societal norms which undermined Russian values in the 1990s continues to haunt Russia's relations with the West today. Was the latest Ukrainian Crimean conflict inevitable? Limited edition of 50 signed copies.
By Anatolii Kalashnikov. Cuckoo Hill Press, 1983. Signed limited
edition with wood engravings by Anatolii Kalashnikov
printed from the block with commentary by W E Butler
cover of The History of International Law in Russia 1647-1917 by V. E. Grabar translated by W. E. Butler Signed wood engraving by Harry Brockway
By V.E. Grabar, translated by W.E. Butler. Oxford University Press,1990. Fine Condition. Signed original wood engraving by Harry Brockway. 50 numbered copies signed by the artist. This engraving is also sold on our website as part of a beautifully bound collection of original engravings in the signed limited edition book Crime and Punishment.