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Cover of The Importance of Being Oscar, a book by Yvonne Skargon, with engravings of a now famous cat by this internationally renowned British engraver and one of her best known books photo of Watermarks by Yvonne Skargon, a book containing passages from HD Lawrence, Virginia Woolf and others describing the beauty of waterways brought to life by stunning engravings by Skargon
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By Yvonne Skargon. Primrose Hill Press, 1998. A book with engravings of Oscar, the now famous North London born cat, by this
internationally renowned British engraver, and one of her best known books.

By Yvonne Skargon. Primrose Hill Press, 2003, Bicester. Skargon is one of the finest contemporary engravers with an enchanting talent for creating images of plants, nature generally and animals in particular (especially cats) with such vividness that we find ourselves transported by her books to a magical world of indescribably beautiful plants, rivers, lakes and streams and audacious and charming animals. In this book, we find passages consecrating the beauty of rivers, other inland waters and sea waters borrowing from John Clare, HD Lawrence, Edward Thomas, Virginia Woolf and others and brought to life by stunning wood engravings by Skargon. 245 x 170 mm, 48pp. Paperback.

Cover of the book A Garden of My Own by Yvonne Skargon containing wood engravings depicting her garden cover of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes with engravings of Barry Moser
A Garden of my Own
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The Iron Woman
Our Price: $48.00
By Yvonne Skargon. Silent Books, 1996. Skargon is known for her talent for creating enchanting engravings of nature and cats in particular. In this book she takes us for a delightful journey through her garden.
By Ted Hughes with engravings by Barry Moser, Dial Books, 1995. First Edition. Fine Condition.
cover of monumental, first of its kind book (480 pp.)  by Simon Brett, the renowned British wood engraver, containing a comprehensive study of wood engravers around the world with hundreds of magnificent color and black and white illustrations cover of the book The Life and Work of Robert Gibbings by Martin Andrews, Primrose Hill Press, the first substantial biography of Robert Gibbings with more than 400 illustrations
An Engraver's Globe
Our Price: $99.00
By Simon Brett: Primrose Hill Press, 2002. First of its kind, comprehensive study of engravers around the world, containing several hundred magnificent color and black and white illustrations.
By Martin Andrews. Primrose Hill Press,2003. This is the first substantial biography of Robert Gibbings, the British engraver who may have done more than any other engraver to popularize the art of engraving. Contains more than 400 illustrations.
cover of signed limited edition of Oscar, Lilly & Hodge containing wood engravings by Yvonne Skargon printed from the block
Oscar, Lily and Hodge
Our Price: $350.00

By Yvonne Skargon. London: The Primrose Academy (imprint of Primrose Hill Press), 1998. A signed limited edition of over fifty now famous wood engravings by the world renowned engraver Yvonne Skargon, printed from the block for the first time in this edition. Skargon was one of the finest engravers of our time, known for her enchanting talent for creating magical images of plants and animals (especially cats). Words by Samuel Johnson, the son of a bookseller and a preeminent literary figure of early 1700's England, who acknowledges our debt to the feline race for understanding that "One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead." Introduction to Rose-Leaf and Apple-leaf. This private press edition brings together two of our bestselling commercial productions, The Importance of Being Oscar and Lily and Hodge & Dr. Johnson. Bound in patterned boards with gold lettering on buckram spine. 225 numbered signed copies. Printed on Zerkall mould made paper. Slipcased. 26x15.5 cm. Commercial editions also available. Individual Prints available.